Trancy successfully participated in International Color Material Finishing 2019

CMF successfully concluded on Nov 13 2019. Trancy participated in this EXPO and communicated with attendees about current trends and innovations and upcoming challenges in interface thermal materials.

Trancy is a market leader in thermally conductive and encapsulation silicone gels. Leveraging decades of development proficiency and extensive process technology expertise, Trancy provides a wide range of thermally conductive silicone gels and versatile, reliable and cost-effective heat dissipation solutions.

We showcased 4 series of thermally conductive gels, including elastomer thermally conductive gels, MQ silicone resin gels, high K thermally conductive gels and low volatility thermally conductive gels. Elastomer thermally conductive gels and MQ silicone resin gels offer superior mechanic properties, impart excellent compression resilience and tensile strength to thermally materials. High K thermally conductive gels are designed to deliver a high thermal conductivity as well as good mechanic properties. Low volatility thermally conductive gels featured with the lowest molecule weigth (ΣD3-12 <100ppm), contribute for excellent thermal aging, which improves thermal stability at higher working temperature. Its lower viscosity ad higher filling rate increase thermal conductivity. 

As for CMF delegates, they learned more about our silicone gels and solutions for electronics. In addition to leading-edge materials, they were impressed by our high performance superior to the industry standard. For Trancy, we learned more about customer comprehensive and insightful and developed advanced and novel silicone products through our advanced silicone technology.