As a silicone specialist, Trancy offers extensive state-of-the-art products in a wide range of applications. Some of the best selling products are presented here so you can catch them at a glance, including silicone rubber profiles, silicone sponge rubbers, mold making silicone rubbers, silicone elastomers, carprylyl methicone and thermally conductive silicone gels. If you want to learn more of our best selling products, please contact us.

A stack of silicone rubber products with different shapes

Silicone Rubber Products

Silicone rubbers renowned for high tensile strength, tear strength, elongation, and temperature properties, make them a long-lasting, cost-effective solution for many industries like building, electronics, transport, food, etc.

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Cosmetics made from silicone elastomers

Silicone Elastomer

Trancy elastomers including gels, emulsions, powders, provide a silky smooth skin-feel, a thickening effect, and absorbing sebum, suited for skin-care, sun-care formulations, and for foundations, BB, CC creams and other cosmetics.

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A horse made from mold making silicone rubber

Mold Making Silicone Rubber

Trancy provides two-part curing silicone rubber in different shore hardnesses, offering great flexibility, tear strength, and precise detail reproduction. It can be poured, brushed or sprayed to make durable molds or castings.

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Different color of silicone sponge and foam sheets

Silicone Sponge and Foam

Trancy silicone sponge and foam offers superb resilience, flame & temperature resistance, and compression properties, is ideal for sealing, cushioning, vibration isolation, insulation, providing protection to many applications.

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Silicone Foam Rubber for Printer Roller

Silicone foam roller renowned for cushion recovery, heat resistance, chemical resistance and anti-electrostatic, is ideally suited to used in photocopiers and printers, ensuring high quality printing and excellent paper feeding.

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Emulsion made from caprylyl methicone

Caprylyl Methicone 

As a light and silky dispersant and solubilizer, Trancy caprylyl methicone is a low viscosity trisiloxane, and delivers excellent smoothness, emollience, spreadability, and volatility, used in skin care, sun care, color cosmetics.

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Thermally conductive silicone gels are used in CPU for heat dissipation

Thermally Conductive Silicone Gel

Trancy thermally conductive silicone gel features low oil-bleed, high filling rate & mechanic properties, used to dissipate the heat produced by electronic components & devices, increasing their performance, efficiency & lifespan.

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CX-8408 Agricultural Silicone Adjuvant

Trancy offers agricultural silicones to help farmers to improve their pesticide coverage, adherence, and penetration to a pest. Trancy CX-8408 agricultural silicone adjuvant is a super spreading surfactant and modified trisiloxane.

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CX-3391 Adhesive Sealant

CX-3391 adhesive sealant is a One-component RTV silicone rubber, dealcoholized curing. It offers excellent primerless adhesive to many subtrates, and has resistance to low-and high-temperature.

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Textile Printing Silicone Rubber

Trancy textile printing silicone rubber meets demands for durable, high quality and soft feel, it delievers excellent mechanical properties, adhesion to fabrics, smooth, elastic and nontacky touch, suits for textile screen printing on fabrics, e.g. sportswear and casual. 

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