Trancy Silicone Adjuvant Is Powerful For Crop Protection Performance

How to improve crop protection performance? Agricultural silicone ingredients are essential in this quest to protect and enhance crops. Spray adjuvants are used with postemergence herbicides to help overcome the barriers that impede movement of the herbicide from the leaf surface to the interior of the cell. Silicone spraying adjuvants are unique nonionic organosilicone wetting agent which are highly effective with postemergent and non-selective herbiides.

Super wettability

Compared to traditional surfactants, silicone surfactants have remarkably low surface tension and excellent wetting properties. When the surface tension of the spray liquid is lower than the surface tension of the leaves, the spray liquid absorbs and wets on the plant surface.

Good spreading 

Polyethylene modified trisiloxane surfactant has its own excellent expansion performance. This performance can maximize the area of the sprayed chemical solution.

Excellent penetration

The stoma is one of the ways for the agent to enter the plant, and the pesticide solution added with surfactant can be absorbed through the stoma of the plant. The silicone additive can promote the penetration of the liquid into the epidermis through the stoma, and the absorption rate is fast.

How Trancy Agricultural Silicone Adjuvant Can Help? 

Silicone adjuvants play an important role in agriculture. As a silicone leader, Trancy offers agricultural silicones to help farmers to improve their pesticide coverage, adherence, and penetration to a pest.

Trancy CX-8408 agricultural silicone adjuvant is a spreading surfactant and modified trisiloxane, which could lower the surface tension of spray solutions effectively and brings the following features and benefits for agriculture.


  • Super silicone spreader for soluble liquid and emulsifiable concentrate formulations
  • Rapid spreading and wetting for agricultural chemicals
  • Can significantly improve spray coverage
  • Promote rapid uptake of agrochemicals (rainfastness)
  • Promote spray volume reduction and penetration


  • Increase the effectiveness of agrochemicals
  • Reduce volume of agrochemicals and water
  • Lower agrochemical residue and pollution

As a agricultural adjuvant, CX-8408 is widely used for water-soluble broadleaf herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and plant growth regulators.

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