Trancy and CECT sign strategic framework cooperation agreement

The leaders of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CECT) were invited to visited Guangzhou Trancy New Materials Technology Company (Trancy) on April 15, 2016.  Both parties reviewed the application of MQ silicone thermal conductivity gels over the past three months, and discussed the further cooperation of MQ silicone thermal conductivity gel. And then both sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement, which marked the formal implementation of the cooperation between CECT and Trancy.

Dr. Chih-hao Huang, technical director of Trancy, elaborated the market prospect, current bottlenecks and breakthroughs in electronic thermal conductivity industry, and shared the latest research development and achievements of Trancy thermal conductivity business in the meeting. It is deeply recognized and praised by the CECT leaders. Besides, the CECT leaders hoped Trancy would work in with CECT to develop an advanced thermal conductivity materials in the future, and maked a contribution to China military industry. It leveraged technology advantage and resource sharing of both sides, and achieved a win-win outcome.

As for Trancy, it is helpful to broaden the application field of thermal conductivity materials, and further improve the quality and performance of thermal conductivity products and promote the research and development of more advanced thermal conductivity products. As for CECT, it benefited from our cooperation to boost the new generation development of electronic products and got support from Trancy to overcome the tough problems of thermal management. Therefore, this cooperation is of great significance for both sides in terms of product development and innovation in the future.