Trancy hosts grand opening for a foshan factory

The golden autumn brings coolness and the fruits are fragrant. Trancy celebrated the opening of Foshan factory on September 23, 2020. The ribbon-cutting ceremony was held in the front of the factory.

Trancy executives showed dignitaries a tour of the new factory after ribbon-cutting event. On the tour, our guests found the new office was spacious and bright, which provided a better and comfortable working environment. Trancy’s corporate values and visions were easy to find in the office decorations, which reminds Trancy people to work hard for their corporate philosophy of “ Trancy, Illuminate A Beautiful Life”.

“We’re very pleased to announce the opening of our new Factory in Foshan” says Mr. Ziheng Xu, Trancy CEO. “ The opening of new factory is an important step towards realizing our 5G silicone goal. It will bring us a new opportunity of 5G economy. The new office will be the first of many important changes for the company in 2020, relating to market conditions and how company is responding to them.”

The second new factory comes as a result of significant growth in recent years. The new factory is located in 16 Weihong Road, Tanbian Industrial Zone, Shishan Town, Nanhai District, Foshan, Guangdong. The Foshan Factory will produce 5G silicone products, serves the customers in the field of electronics and electrics, new energy, vehicle and optoelectronics. It will be a very good supplement to the Huadu factory, which is the company’s first manufacturing operation in China mainland, which focuses on personal care silicone and coating additives.

“We want to thank all the employees as well as our business partners for all the support to make this factory happen. It’s a big step for the company to open a second factory in Foshan and we are optimistic about the new opportunities of 5G economy. We will continue to work hard to implement our business vision and make more contribution to Foshan city.” Added Mr.Ziheng Xu.