Trancy successfully attended NEPCON China 2018

24th NEPCON South China Electronics Manufacturing Equipment Show run at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center from 28 Aug to 30 Aug 2018.

As a leading silicone manufacturer, Guangdong Trancy New Material Technology Co., Ltd., showed thermally conductive and encapsulation silicone gels in this exhibition. Many visitors were attracted by our High Compression Resilience Series silicone gels. This series of products provide excellent compression resilience, inherent tack and tensile strength, impart outstanding resilience and elongation to thermal pads which are good workability.

Trancy focuses on electrical and electronic applications, offers high-performance thermally conductive silicone gels for thermal transfer materials, such as thermal pads, gels, adhesives and greases. It helps dissipate the heat produced by electronic components and devices, increasing their performance, efficiency and lifespan.