CXI-1080 Clear Silicone Elastomer Gel

  • Provides dry smoothness and a light, silky skin feel;
  • Masking wringkle and matting effect;
  • Ideal for clear silicone-based formulation in skin care and color cosmetic.


CXI-1080 clear silicone elastomer gel is a mixture of high molecular weight crosslinked silicone elastomer in Dimethiconol and Isododecane. It is developed by Trancy third-generation silicone elastomer technology to modify aesthetic, rheology and sensory attributes of personal care formulations, which is different from the traditional silicone elastomer.
It features tiny spherical particles of silicone elastomer, high swelling, and excellent compatibility and spreadability, offers a dry smoothness, light silky powdery, non-greasy skin feel, as well as help mask fine lines and wrinkles. It is ideal for clear silicone-based formulation in skin care and color cosmetic because of lower crosslink density and transparent appearance.

  • High transparent appearance
  • Tiny spherical particles of silicone elastomer
  • Excellent swelling and thixotropy
  • Super thickening effect
  • Provides dry smoothness and a light, silky, non-greasy skin feel;
  • High transparent appearance to create clear formulations;
  • Tiny particle size and super spreadability improve masking fine lines and wrinkles;
  • Excellent absorbing sebum enhances matting effect;
  • Improves the aesthetics of anhydrous formulations.;
  • Compatible with a variety of organic ingredients.
Viscosity(25℃) Transparent Gel
Specific gravity(25℃) 125,000~135,000 m㎡/s
Specific gravity(25℃) 0.96
Gel content 17~18%


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