CX-1886 Emulsifier

  • Excellent dispersing and emulsifying properties
  • Optimize the efficacy of active ingredients;stable water-in-oil formula
  • This product can be used as an oil-in-water formula emulsifier or a water-in-oil compound emulsifier.


This product is a high molecular weight polymer with extremely high molecular weight. It has super thickening ability and fast swelling to form gel characteristics. It has excellent emulsification, dispersion and stability properties, so that it can emulsify without HLB value. Various oils, pigments and physical sunscreen agents can be dispersed. Cream can be produced without neutralization at room temperature and high temperature. It can be compounded with other traditional emulsifiers or used alone. It can be used as emulsion thickener, emulsifier and stabilizer in cosmetics to give cosmetics a shiny appearance and softness. Smooth skin feel.


  • Excellent adsorption
  • Excellent dispersing and emulsifying properties
  • Excellent heat resistance and cold resistance stability
  • Excellent compatibility, compatible with various greases
  • Excellent water retention and moisturizing properties
  • Easy to use


  • Moisturizing, smooth, non-greasy
  • Stable water-in-oil formula
  • Optimize the efficacy of active ingredients
  • Suitable for a variety of emulsification systems
Appearance   White liquid
Solid content % 46~50
Viscosity cSt 1,500~4,500
Polymer content % ≥40
2.0% aqueous solution viscosity(25°C) cSt 55,000~80,000


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