CX-9518 RTV Silicone Rubber

  • Excellent hydrophobicity; fast, consistent  and long-term hydrophobic migration.
  • Significantly increase the pollution flashover voltage of the external insulation of power transmission and distribution
  • It is widely used in power system substations and transmission line insulators , and other electrical equipment for long-lasting anti-pollution flashover.


CX-9518 is single component, room temperature vulcanizing silicone rubber coating. The cured coating exhibits the following excellent properties :  hydrophobicity, hydrophobicity migration, anti-pollution flashover performance, electrical insulation performance, mechanical performance, corrosion resistance, adhesion performance and sealing performance. It also offers excellent resistance to UV resistance, aging, ozone and weather. It can be used for a long time in the temperature ranged from -60~200℃. It is used to improve the anti-pollution flashover performance of insulators or power transmission and increases the reliability of external insulation of power transmission and distribution equipment.


  • A single component room temperature vulcanizing silicone coating, non-flammable, non-explosive, non-hazardous.
  • Excellent hydrophobicity; fast, consistent  and long-term hydrophobic migration.
  • Superb electrical characteristic, like excellent anti-pollution flashover, dry arc resistance, tracking and erosion, and electric insulation.
  • Excellent mechanical properties, high tensile strength and elongation, abrasion resistance and impact resistance.
  • High-strength adhesion, good adhesion to porcelain, glass, metal materials and plastics, etc.
  • High corrosion resistance, resistance to acid, alkali, salt, and oil corrosion.
  • Ozone resistance, UV resistance, environmental aging resistance, weather resistance. The coating does not peel, crack and fall off.


  • Ready-to-use, without the additional operation before use.
  • Significantly increase the pollution flashover voltage of the external insulation of power transmission and distribution
  • Long operation time and easy maintenance without regular cleaning in operation. Under normal operating environment conditions, longer service life more than 15 years.
  • Long-lasting hydrophobicity and strong resistance to loss, suitable for coastal regions or other harsh environments.
  • High mechanical strength, suitable for desert regions, without influence on equipment maintenance.
  • Good anti-icing and deicing effect,  suitable for alpine regions.
Specific gravity g/cm³ 1.245±0.01
Solid Content % 52.5
Tack-free Time(25℃,50%RH) min ≤45
Full Cure(25℃,50%RH) h ≤20
Hydrophobicity(θ) 120±10
Hydrophobicity loss(θ) 100±5
Hydrophobicity Migration(θ) 115±10
Recovery of Hydrophobicity(θ,<24h) 115±10
Adhesion GB/T 1720-1989 Tier 1
Abrasion performance g 0.05
Corrosion resistance GB/T 1720-1989 Tier 1
Oil corrosion GB/T 1720-1989 Tier 1
Shear Strength Mpa 3.3
Tear Strength kN/m 10.3
Tensile Strength  Mpa 4.2
Elongation at break % 280
Dielectric Strength kV/mm 22
Volume Resistivity Ω·cm ≥1.2*1013
Tracking and Erosion TMA 2.5 Pass
Pollution flashover voltage U1/U2≥1.5


U1=41.4  U2=95.6

Flame Resistance FV-0 FV-0


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