CX-6305 Epoxy-modified Silicone Resin

  • Outstanding chemical resistance
  • Excellent heat-resistance and cold-resistance
  • It is widely used for heat resistance and anti-corrosive paint (up to 600℃) and H grade insulating coating, etc.


CX-6305 is a 50% solids methyl phenyl silicone resin in toluene solvent,prepared from the reaction of phenylsilane, and ethoxy-methyl silane and epoxy resin.

It is easy to use, and cured at room temperature and fast cured at high temperature. It offers low viscosity and super flowability, provides excellent resistance to high and low temperature, superb anti-corrosion, dielectric properties, excellent weather resistance as well as chemical resistance.


  • Lower viscosity and super flowability
  • High flexibility
  • Fast heat cure
  • Outstanding chemical resistance
  • Excellent corrosion resistance


  • Good workability
  • Excellent heat-resistance and cold-resistance
  • Superb dielectric properties
Appearance   Clear to slightly yellow liquid
Viscosity(25℃) cP 20-55
Specific Gravity   0.97~1.0
Solid content % 50±1
Epoxy Value(G)   0.08~0.11
Cure time(25℃) hours  
          Tack Free   2
          Hard Dry   48


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