CX-3151 LV Thermally Conductive Gel

  • A two-part addition curing silicone rubber;
  • Lowest molecule weigth with ΣD3-12 <100ppm, outstanding thermal aging;
  • Lower viscosity,Higher filler loading;
  • Ideal for thermal interface materials.


  • CX-3151 is a two-part addition curing silicone rubber with mixing ratio of 1:1 by volume. It is easy to use, and cured at temperature and fast cured at high temperature.
  • It features the lowest molecule weigth with ΣD3-12 <100ppm, offers lower viscosity and super flowability, improves blending of fluid and powder, decreases thermal resistance and increases thermal conductivity dramatically. It brings outstanding thermal aging and longer life span.
  • It is widely used for thermal interface materials such as thermal pads, gels and greases, etc.
  • It can be also used for encapsulating and potting sealant, electronic circuits, hybrid devices, small appliances, etc.
  •  Σ D3~D12<100
  •  Lowest oil-bleed
  •  Excellent wettability and thixotropy
  •  Higher filler loading
  •  Good tensile strength and softness
  •  Lower viscosity
  •  Two-part, 1:1 mixing ratio
  • Higher thermal conductivity
  • Outstanding thermal aging, excellent heat-resistance and cold-resistance
  • Fast heat cure
  • Excellent dielectric properties
Appearance   Transparent liquid
Viscosity(25℃) cSt  A=400±30 B=370±30
Specific Gravity   0.97
Pot Life (25℃) hours ≥7
Cure Time(25℃)       mins ≤20
Platinum catalyst in which part   Part A
Core penetration 0.1mm 120±10
Dielectric constant     kHz 2.8
Dielectric strength kV/mm 23
Volume resistivity Ω・cm 1×1015
Dissipation Factor 1kHz 1×10-4
Σ D3~D12 ppm <100


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