CX-352 Vinyl Silicone

  • High viscosity, increase toughness
  • Greatly improve the mechanical properties
  • As the basic raw material of thermally conductive silicone resin gel, foam stabilizer, high temperature ink, release agent, water repellent, grease and modified silicone oil.


This product is a non-toxic, odorless, transparent oily substance prepared from imported raw materials. The two ends of the molecular chain are distributed with vinyl active groups, which can be added to other active groups, hydrogen-containing groups and other organic compounds, or in Under the catalysis of peroxy compounds, organosilicon elastomers are formed, and no other low molecules are released during the reaction. It is the basic rubber material for the production of addition-molded liquid silicone rubber, silicone gel and other products.


  • Transparent liquid
  • As a chain extender for addition-molded liquid silicone, and a crosslinker for addition-molded heat-vulcanized silicone rubber
  • A basic raw material for silicone rubbers and silicone gels


  • High viscosity, increase toughness
  • Greatly improve the mechanical properties
  • Excellent water repellency and moisture resistance.
ITEM   20,000 100,000
Appearance   Transparent liquid Transparent liquid
Specific Gravity g/cm³ 0.97~0.99 0.97~0.99
Viscosity mm²/s 20,000±1,000 100,000±2,000
Volatile Content(150°C/3h) % ≤1 ≤1
Refractive Index nD25 1.45±0.1 1.45±0.1
pH   6~8 6~8
Hydrogen Content % 0.09±0.01 0.04±0.01


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