CX-3002AB Thermally Conductive Silicone

  • Low viscosity, low oil release rate
  • Excellent high and low temperature resistance
  • Used in materials such as thermal silica gel, insulation, sealing potting, filling, etc


This product is a two-component addition molding room temperature curing silicone resin gel, which can be heated to accelerate vulcanization (maximum temperature 150 ℃), low viscosity, low oil release rate and excellent adhesion.It is used to potting various automobiles, power electronic components, solar cells and other damping products. Products with different hardness can be obtained by adjusting the distribution ratio of group A and group B.


  • Crystal transparent gel, excellent fluidity
  • Low viscosity, low oil release rate
  • Two-component, 1: 1 mixing ratio
  • Excellent flame retardancy
  • Excellent electrical insulation
  • Addition type platinum vulcanization system


  • Convenient production and use, simple operation
  • Safe and environmentally friendly, no pollution
  • Excellent high and low temperature resistance
  • Fast heat curing
Appearance   Colorless Transparent Gel
Specific Gravity g/cm³ 0.95~0.98
Viscosity mm²/s

A≤350 B≤300

Operating time(40°C)) min 80-180
Curing time(120°C) min 10-15
                      (150°C) min 5-10
The components of the platinum catalyst   B
Refractive Index nD25 1.40
Penetration 0.1mm 210±5
Dielectric Strength kV/mm 21
Volatile Content 1kHz 2.3
Volume Resistivity Ω·cm 1015
Flame retardant   UL 94HB


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