CX-1200 Dimethyl Silicone

  • High solubility, easily soluble in most solvents
  • Excellent softness, moisture, brightness
  • Personal care products such as skin care, hair care, make-up, etc.


This product is a colorless and odorless polydimethylsiloxane liquid with excellent properties of low viscosity, strong volatility, good spreadability and good compatibility. It is widely used in the personal care industry as a skin care and washing care product. The basic liquid for cosmetics and other products.


  • Easy to wipe
  • High dispersion
  • Low surface tension
  • High solubility, easily soluble in most solvents


  • Excellent softness, moisture, brightness
  • Excellent spreadability and compatibility
  • Strong affinity for skin and hair, protective effect, and excellent hair combing performance
  • Suitable for a variety of cosmetic formulations
ITEM   3 5 10 20
Appearance    Transparent liquid Transparent liquid Transparent liquid Transparent liquid
Specific Gravity g/cm³ 0.80~0.90 0.80~0.93 0.90~0.94 0.92~0.96
Viscosity cSt 2.5~3.5 4~6 8~12 18~22
Flash Point °C 88 ≥100 ≥170 ≥220
Refractive Index nD25 1.380~1.395 1.390~1.398 1.390~1.410 1.390~1.410
Volatile Content(150°C/3h) %   ≈50 ≤50 ≤50


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