CX-1190 Silicone Emulsifier

  • Excellent dispersing and emulsifying properties
  • Moisturizing, light and smooth, not greasy
  • This product can be used as a compound emulsifier for water-in-oil formula or oil-in-water formula, and is widely used in sunscreen, moisturizing and other products.


This product is a high molecular weight polyether modified silicone emulsifier with strong emulsification ability and high stability. It is suitable for water-in-oil or water-in-silicone oil emulsification systems, giving the product a light, silky, and non-sticky skin feel. It can be used as an emulsifier or dispersant in skin care and color cosmetics, and is suitable for the preparation of creams and emulsions with medium and high viscosity.


  • Excellent dispersing and emulsifying properties
  • Low surface tension and strong interface adhesion
  • Excellent heat resistance and cold resistance stability
  • Excellent compatibility, compatible with various silicone oils and greases
  • Can be cold or hot


  • Moisturizing, light and smooth, not greasy
  • Stable water-in-silicone oil andwater-in-oil formulations
  • Can make multiple emulsions
Appearance   Colorless to light yellow liquid
Gardner   ≤1
Active ingredient content % 100



Specific Gravity   0.92~0.94
HLB   5
Refractive index   1.43~1.45


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