CX-2500 Anti Graffiti Additive

  • Hydroxypropyl silicone oil;outstanding hydro- and oleophobic properties
  • Enhance the low temperature flexibility of the polymer
  • It is widely used in solvent-borne polyurethane coatings and silicone rubber, especial for  solvent-borne anti-graffiti coatings.


CX-2500 is a hydroxypropyl-terminated polyacrylate-modified polydimethylsiloxane with hydro- and oleophobic properties. It offers excellent wear resistance, and enhances marker resistance and anti-graffiti effect. Super fluidity makes it clear in varnish systems. It can be acted as an excellent release agent because of superior barrier and anti-sticking.


  • Hydroxypropyl silicone oil
  • Solvent-free
  • Superb fluidity
  • Outstanding hydro- and oleophobic properties
  • Excellent compatibility with polyurethane


  • Improve the wear resistance
  • Improve the temperature resistance
  • Marker resistance and anti-graffiti effect
  • Superior barrier and anti-sticking
  • Enhance the low temperature flexibility of the polymer
Appearance   Clear to slightly hazy liquid
Viscosity cSt 80
Active dimethicone copolyol % ≥95
Refractive index   1.412
Molecular weight   4300
Hydroxyl content % 0.8


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