CX-1040 Silicone Elastomer Gel

  • Translucent cross-linked silicone elastomer gel with fine gel particles 
  • Make skin feel smooth, fresh, not greasy, soft, fine texture, rapid absorption 
  • It can be used in skin care,color cosmetic, hair care,antiperspirant and deodorants


CXI-1040 silicone elastomer gel is a mixture of high molecular weight crosslinked silicone elastomer in cyclopentasiloxane. It features small spherical particles of silicone elastomer, high swelling and good spreadability, offers a light, silky powdery, non-greasy skin feel, as well as help mask fine lines and wrinkles. It has the ability to increase formulation oil phase viscosity and improve the aesthetics of your formulation.


  • Translucent cross-linked silicone elastomer gel with fine gel particles
  • Excellent swelling and thixotropy
  • Act as a thickener for water-in-oil and water-in-silicone formulations and silicone fluids
  • Reduce tackiness of formulation
  • Suitable for a variety of cosmetic formulations


  • Provides a light, silky powdery, non-greasy skin feel
  • May absorb sebum to improve matting effect
  • Mask fine lines and wrinkles due to small particles of silicone elastomer and super spreadability 
  • Imparts viscosity to W/O emulsions 
  • Easy to formulate with cold process and good organic compatibility 
  • Can be customized according to customers’ needs for skin feel
ITEM   CX-1040 CX-1042 CX-1044

Clear to slightly translucent gel



Specific Gravity g/cm³ 0.96-0.98
Non-volatile content % 15~20


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