A Light and Silky Dispersant

Trancy caprylyl methicone is a low molecular weight, low viscosity trisiloxane modified with an octyl group. It is clear, colourless and odourless, and delivers excellent smoothness, emollience, spreadability, compatibility and volatility.

The compact trisiloxane back bone features a silky feel and exhibits the unique ability to spread oils. Improves the spreadability and surface coverage of formulation and reduces rub-on time. Improves the dispersibility of fine solids as well, such as pigments and inorganic sunscreens in organic oils. The octyl group modification makes it compatible with most cosmetic oils and waxes. Improves fluidity and solubility.

As a dispersant and solubilizer, Trancy caprylyl methicone is widely used in skin care, sun care, color cosmetics, hair care and air care with recommended use level between 1 and 10%.

Conclusion: the surface tension of vegetable oil and mineral oil can be reduced substantially by using 50% CX-1396 caprylyl methicone.

Conclusion:the spreadability of mineral oil and vegetable oil can be increased effectively by using CX-1396 caprylyl methicone.


Conclusion: The spreadability and mositurizing of vegetable oil can be enhanced effectively however the tackiness, greasy and residue can be lowered significantly by using 50% CX-1396 caprylyl methicone.


  • Moderate volatility, low viscosity and surface tension

  • Light and silky, long lasting emollient
    It provides light and silky due to low molecular weight and viscosity and compact trisiloxane back bone, and lasting emollient due to moderate volatility compared to volatile silicones.

  • Non-greasy, less tackiness and greasy
    Octyl group modification improves fluidity and solubility, and reduces tackiness and greasy, and is suitable for clear formulations.

  • Super spreadability, less rub-on time
    Low surface tension due to compact trisiloxane back bone, improves spreadability and uniform coverage, delivers excellent spreadability of cosmetics ingredients such as a variety of cosmetic oils, pigments and inorganic sunscreens, and reduces rub-time.

  • Excellent compatibility and easy to formulate
    Octyl group modification offers excellent compatibility, which is compatible with a wide range of cosmetic ingredients.

  • Superior cleansing with no residue
    Outstanding compatibility and solubility and volatility, it gives superior cleansing with no residue.

Property Unit Result
Appearance   Clear liquid
Viscosity(25°C) mm²/sClear liquid 3
Specific gravity   0.84
Refractive index(25°C)   1.413
Flash point(closed up) °C 110
Surface tension mN/m 20



Skin care

Sun care

Color cosmetics

Hair care



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